The land of Dusk

The land is split into 4 smaller lands. These lands do not have names because the splits are figurative, however they all contain one major city.

The first land to the east is considered the main land. Its capital is Seiryu. The land is covered in lush forests. Our adventures begin their story here.

The second land is a large island to the north. Its capital is Genbu. Here the terrain is mountainous and its residents live in the valleys. Genbu located on the coast is considered the true capital of Dusk.

The third land is located on an island to the west. Its capital is Byakko. Rolling plains are located on the island. Byakko however is a very technologically advanced city.

The fourth land is to the south. There are 2 regions. The first is the southern region of the main land. Here is nothing but deserts and small villages. The second region is an archipelago just west of the southern mainland. The archipelago is quite volcanic. Here the people come from a very religious background. Thanks to technology from Byakko the capital Suzaku was constructed among the archipelago. This new found faith in technology has left many leaving religious life styles, though vestiges such as temples are still left.

There is a mysterious land in the middle. The middle is covered by a large storm removing any hope of traveling there.

The land of Dusk is a peaceful nation, however war is on the horizon. Weapons have been banned in Dusk by the imperials from Byakko. Of course weapons are available through a Black Market, however because of the ban the weapons have had little room for advancements and are quite far behind technologically. The main hub for these Black Markets are in the main land desert. The people here have become aggressive due to the oppressive nature of Byakko and have begun to orchestrate minor attacks on the city. In response Byakko has begun enforcing their laws with guards armed with weapons (which also are quite far behind technologically). The people of Suzaku have distanced themselves from the main-landers. The lands to the west and east have mainly stayed away from battles, though for the desert people to reach the northern island they must pass through Seiryu.

The adventures from Byakko have another problem on their hands. During the night, the land of Dusk transforms. Mysterious monsters appear and most humans disappear.

Dusk Zero